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Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. is a late-stage drug development company working with world leaders in pharmaceutical product development to approach science from a completely different angle.

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Identifying underutilised molecules

Without the technology or techniques to fully investigate them, some of medicine’s greatest opportunities may never have come to light. We now have the technology to extract true value from molecules with untapped potential.

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to life

Combining cutting edge science and unparalleled experience to transform underutilised molecules, Paradigm Biopharma brings a dynamic approach to some of the world’s most significant unmet needs; offering a new avenue of hope to patients and a new opportunity to investors.

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the benefits
to all

With an extensive understanding of the scientific, clinical, regulatory, and commercial requirements of drug development, Paradigm may achieve a reduction in the time, cost and risk associated with taking new products to market. Today we are rapidly advancing new treatments in osteoarthritis, MPS and a number of other global diseases.

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Experts in
uncovering the
real value of a

Experts in
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